Mini Australian Mountain Doodles

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F1 Mini Aussiedoodle x F1 Mini Bernedoodle-Tri Color Merle,  traditional Tri Colors, Black/White, Apricots, Phantoms

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Aussie Mountain doodles are a combination of Bernese Mountain dog, Poodle and Australian Shepherd. They are also sometimes called Aussie Bernedoodles , Australian Mountain doodles or even just Mountain doodles. combination. We are currently breeding F1 mini (first generation) Aussiedoodle with an F1 mini Bernedoodle.  We think this is the best of both worlds, if you can't decide between an Aussiedoodle and a Bernedoodle. By choosing parent dogs with the temperament characteristics we want to see in the future, we select for dogs that are confident, medium and lower energy, mellow, loving, trainable and sociable. We do not want to see too much stubbornness, herding or high energy in our dogs.

What size do Aussie Mountain Doodles come in?

Our Aussie Mountain doodles should be between 15-20 lbs much like the size of our micro mini Bernedoodles.  By breeding Multigenerational Bernedoodles and Aussie mountain doodles, we will have less variation in their sizes than if we were starting with parent dogs as their original breeds. Breeding full size Bernese mountain dogs with miniature poodles can have huge variation in pup sizes. They could be closer in size to either parent, just like in humans, you will have less control as a breeder with predicting adult size.