Our Selection Process


-Once the litter is born, families will receive an email notifying them of how many pups were born, the sex, and whom are the parents of the new puppies.  This email occurs around 48 hours after delivery. We inform the families that this time is very delicate for newborn puppies, therefore we limit our information and handling.    



-At 3 weeks of age, families will receive their first round of photos of the puppies.  The photos are group photos and or videos.  



-Families receive the puppies 6 week individual photos.  This is the time that the puppies are able to sit up, and their coat is presenting itself.  This is also the time the pups are starting to develop their personalities.  It is at this point, that we allow families to begin picking their puppy.  We go in order of deposits placed and each family is allowed 24 hours to pick which puppy they would like to  purchase. 



-Once the families choose their puppy of choice, a final payment invoice will be sent. NOTE: final payment is due 48 hours after puppy selection. An email that includes Pacific Doodles health guarantee, and items needed to get prepaid for bringing home their new puppy will also be sent.   



- The puppies will go home at 8 weeks of age.  They will have their first round of vaccines (vaccination record to be included in take home packet),  a new puppy starter goody swag bag to go home with them which includes; a blanket with mothers smell,  a toy, treats, food, temporary leash, and parents documentation include (health reports/AKC) 



-Take home will be at the 8 week mark. Families can choose to pickup in WA state, choose to fly their puppy for an additional fee of $850 or nanny their puppy.  NOTE: if a Nanny of the new owners choice is provided, then proof of insurance and licensing must be submitted to Pacific Doodles for approval.  


Step 7 

- Families will have 3 days to pick up/ship the puppy, or there will be a $75 daily boarding fee assessed.